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#1 Bluetooth keyboard & mouse


I've found after installing refit, the apple bluetooth
mouse and keyboard don't pair automatically.

Actually, I have to turn the devices off and then back
on each time I restart my system, because it seems
there is no power to them once I restart and OS X is
loaded again. This is also true for Windows and Linux.


  • Christoph Pfisterer

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  • Christoph Pfisterer

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    I tried to reproduce this issue with my Apple Wireless Keyboard and my 17"

    No matter what I did, the keyboard always worked flawlessly in Mac OS X.
    However, the only situation where the keyboard worked in Windows XP
    without switching it off and on was when I set Windows as the default OS in
    Startup Disk and did nothing during booting. As soon as a key is pressed
    during boot, the wireless keyboard doesn't work in Windows. This happens
    with rEFIt as well as with the built-in boot menu (the one you get when you
    hold the Option key). It even happens when using only the USB keyboard
    during boot to bring up the built-in menu.

    It should also be mentioned that Apple's Boot Camp FAQ (http:// states that the Bluetooth
    keyboard and mouse won't work correctly in Windows.

    Summary: This is not a problem with rEFIt. It is a bug in the firmware and/or
    Windows drivers and can only be fixed by Apple. Feel free to report it to

  • Christoph Pfisterer

    • status: closed --> closed-rejected

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