Hiding NTFS data partition

  • Gabe Barone

    Gabe Barone - 2013-03-20

    I have a Mac with OS X, Windows, and a separate Data partition that does not contain an OS. I am trying to hide that data partition from refind so only OS X and Windows are selectable. I'm on the latest refind, 0.6.8.

    When in Refind, the data partition is listed as "Boot Windows from Partition 2". The actual Windows partition is listed as "Boot Windows from Partition 3".

    I've tried using the dont_scan_volume option in refind.conf but I'm not having any luck. I've tried each of the following:

    dont_scan_volumes "Partition 2"
    dont_scan_volumes "Data"
    dont_scan_volumes "Windows on Partition 2"

    None were successful in hiding it.

    I did see that I could boot to an EFI shell and run "vol" to get a volume name but I haven't gotten anything particularly useful from that, the only volumes it lets me get info on are the EFI partition, Mac OS partition, and Recovery partition.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2013-04-18

    "dont_scan_volumes" is for excluding EFI boot loaders.
    You could try using "scanfor" and removing "hdbios" to remove all the Legacy options. Then add "manual" and create stanzas for the Windows partitions. I haven't tried that myself though.

    Actually, after looking at the code, it appears that manual stanzas don't work with Legacy OS's. This would be a good feature to add.

    The stanzas require a volume name or number. NTFS partitions don't have a volume name unless you install an NTFS efi driver which is available from the Clover project.
    Volume number is not guaranteed to be the same across reboots. I think rEFInd needs to add options for other identifying information such as GPT partition GUID, file system serial number of volume id (NTFS, FAT, HFS), drive MBR ID, partition start block, etc.

    There's a "disabled" option for rEFInd to ignore stanzas (so it doesn't add the stanza to the list of boot choices). rEFInd should have a "ignore" option to ignore partitions that it scans (so it can subtract a boot choice that was found in the automatic scanning process).

  • Roderick W. Smith

    Unfortunately, the options for managing BIOS/CSM/legacy options are limited. As I've posted in another couple of responses today, I do want to improve this code, but it's a bit convoluted and is poorly documented, so I find it hard to understand. The code for Macs and UEFI-based PCs is also entirely different. If possible, I'd like to integrate the two paths into one. It'll take some time for me to wrap my head around all of this and fix these problems.

    In the meantime, if you happen to be running Windows 8, you might look into doing an EFI-mode installation, which I understand is possible on at least some Mac models. Set up in this way, you'd convert your hybrid MBR into a protective MBR, uncomment the scanfor option in refind.conf, and ensure that hdbios is not present on that line. This will eliminate your extra boot entries. If you go this route, though, research it carefully -- some people report no problems booting Windows 8 in EFI mode on their Macs, but others do have problems. It seems to vary from one model to another. Doing an EFI-mode boot of Windows 7 is much trickier, although some people claim to have succeeded. I wouldn't bother trying with earlier versions of Windows.


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