Sluggish boot persists after uninstalling rEFInd: Found fix but is it documented somewhere?

  • eternalhack

    eternalhack - 2013-11-17

    I installed rEFInd to the EFI partition on my Macbook Pro running 10.9 and encountered very long boot times. That led me to this thread so I uninstalled rEFInd but the long boot time persisted. I saw that you mention the sluggish boot issue in your install instructions but I didn't realize the fix for the sluggish boot persisting was to reinstall to the boot partition and then remove. I found that solution embedded in some thread here which I can't find now.

    I'm just curious if the sluggish boot persisting after removing rEFInd and the solution is documented somewhere on the site and I just missed it.


  • Roderick W. Smith

    I cover it in the rEFInd documentation:

    Unfortunately, the symptoms and solutions both vary greatly from one Mac to another. I have no 100% guaranteed solution. If I did, I'd make that the default in the rEFInd script (at least, if that solution could be implemented without repartitioning or doing something else tricky).

  • eternalhack

    eternalhack - 2013-11-21

    Right, I saw that but what confused me was I didn't expect for the sluggishness to persist after removing rEFInd. I started by installing it to the ESP and concluded incorrectly that reinstalling to the boot partition and then removing would make no difference. Any idea why simply uninstalling rEFInd from the ESP isn't enough to remove the sluggishness.

    Thanks for the response and the great firmware.

    Last edit: eternalhack 2013-11-21
  • Roderick W. Smith

    My guess is that the problem is in the Mac's firmware, not in rEFInd. Every EFI (including Apple's) has a built-in boot manager that stores data on what EFI program(s) to try to boot. Apple's EFI stores this data in an unusual way, and Apple's firmware seems to pause when the boot data fits some pattern that I don't understand. Removing rEFInd might not change the boot data, so resetting the boot data in some way is necessary to fix the problem.

    As I said, though, this is a guess -- I've never run into the problem myself, so I can't experiment on it myself, and I've never seen a discussion of the issue among people who are technically savvy enough to track it down definitively.

  • eternalhack

    eternalhack - 2013-11-23

    Interesting, hopefully someone will find the root cause because I am really curious.


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