How to create a bootable USB stick or CD from latest amd64.deb

  • Carlos Kosloff

    Carlos Kosloff - 2014-08-02

    My working machine does not have that architecture, so I cannot install that file.
    However, the machine that I am trying to fix is an amd64, so I need it.
    Please post instructions on how to create a USB stick or bootable CD from that file if the amd64 arch is unavailable.
    All I need is a link to the iso file for amd64 or to the image that I can transfer to a bootable USB key.
    Thank you.

    Last edit: Carlos Kosloff 2014-08-03
  • Roderick W. Smith

    Using the .deb file is not the best way to create a bootable USB flash drive. The rEFInd downloads page provides links to ready-made images for use on CD-R and USB flash drive media.


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