Broken custom icons in refined 0.6.6 and 0.6.7

  • Jamie

    Jamie - 2013-03-20

    Hi Guys

    I've found an odd problem with custom drive icons in MacOS X. I've had a custom drive icon for my Macintosh HD partition for a while now which has always worked nicely with rEFIt but with rEFInd this has broken. The attached images shows what I get in its place.

    If I remove the custom icon from hard disk the icon returns back to a nice apple. I've tried both .VolumeIcon.png and .VolumeIcon.ics with identical results. Does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Also can we have an option to turn off refunds use of .VolumeIcon?

    Many thanks…


  • Joe van Tunen

    Joe van Tunen - 2013-04-18

    I don't see any attached images. Can you attach a copy of the icns?

    Which version of rEFInd are you using? It looks like the icon code has changed a lot since 0.3.4.

    Manual stanzas can be used to add new boot entries. There needs to be an "override" type of stanza to override certain options of an existing boot choice that was scanned automatically. This would complement the current "disabled" type, and the new "ignore" type that I suggested elsewhere.

    You could try disabling the automatic scan ("scanfor") and add a stanza for your Mac OS X partition with an icon specified. I don't think this will work because if you try to use the stanza to set the icon to a file that doesn't exist, then a dummy icon is used instead of the default OS icon. I think the "icon" option needs a "use rEFInd OS icon" option. You could copy the icon from rEFInd to a location on the partition, and set the "icon" option to that.

  • Roderick W. Smith

    I also don't see any attached images.

    I've just tested on my Mac, and /.VolumeIcon.png works fine on an OS X partition. It's possible that I changed the way rEFInd used these files compared to the way rEFIt did. I don't recall clearly, though. In rEFInd, the .VolumeIcon.png or .VolumeIcon.icns file is interpreted as a 128x128 icon for the main icon, whereas I have a vague recollection that rEFIt might have been using that name for the 32x32 disk-type badge. If I'm remembering that there's been a change, then this might explain your problem, particularly if your icon lacks a 128x128 image.

    One more point: You referred to .VolumeIcon.ics. That's probably just a typo in your post, but the correct filename is .VolumeIcon.icns -- note the four-character icns extension rather than the three-character ics extension.


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