sync the partition tables

  • jandro

    jandro - 2013-04-15

    rEFIt has a partition tool to sync the partition tables. How can I accomplish the same thing with rEFInd?

  • Roderick W. Smith

    Yes, rEFIt's gptsync is pretty limited. I've been playing with the code, and I'll probably include an updated version in the next release of rEFInd. As you say, though, other tools are more flexible, and most likely always will be. FWIW, I'm the author of gdisk. Unfortunately, it's written in C++, which is currently not a good language for coding EFI programs; and gdisk's code for creating hybrid MBRs is tightly tied to the rest of the program. For these reasons, my updates to gptsync are independent of gdisk and provide much less flexibility than what gdisk can do.

    I do want to emphasize that hybrid MBRs (which is what gptsync creates) are ugly and dangerous. IMHO, Apple should never have used them, although I understand why they did. I didn't initially include gptsync with rEFInd because I don't want to promote the use of hybrid MBRs. I realize that this tool is useful for Mac users who want to dual-boot with Windows, but on UEFI-based PCs, accidental use of gptsync could cause real harm.


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