Forcing usb boot on macbook pro mid 2009

  • Fiekert

    Fiekert - 2013-01-06

    Hey people!
    I got a question about the config of refind.
    I made myself a multiboot usb hdd with a load of features, and boots in linux. Shows up perfectly, but after i selected the multiboot linux partition it boots in to windows for some reason (?!) i checked the disk 6 or 7 times. But there cant be a fault in the disk.

    How can i boot into that disk?


  • Roderick W. Smith

    I'd need far more information before even venturing a guess about what's going on. For instance: Do the OS installations boot in BIOS/legacy mode, in EFI mode, or in a mixture of the two modes? If in EFI mode, what boot files do they use on the ESP? How many installations do you have, and what are they? If in BIOS mode, which boot loaders are installed and where are they? You claim that the disk boots in Linux but then you say it doesn't. Since the whole point of your post is that it doesn't boot, I must assume that statement is correct, but that raises a question about the statement that it does boot -- is that on another system? If so, what system? What does your refind.conf file look like?


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