rEFInd's custom Wallpaper/Background image?

  • Altairson O'Auditore Billhainh


    I would like to know if I could change rEFInd's background to a custom image (Not just plain colour)? And if not, will it be implement on future's release?



  • Roderick W. Smith

    You can currently use the banner option in refind.conf to adjust the banner image; however, 0.6.4 has a bug that I've only recently discovered that causes rEFInd to crash if this image is too big -- and "too big" is substantially smaller than the screen size. I've fixed the bug in the version in git, so you can compile it yourself and use an image that's as big as your screen if you like. The trouble is that this will be rather ugly, since the icons aren't drawn using a true transparency layer, so you end up with squares of solid colors holding your icons. I'm looking into this, and if I can do so, I'll add true transparency support, but I can't make any promises about that. In the meantime, you could work around it by incorporating a solid color in the area where the OS and utility tags appear. The end result would look something like a window in an OS over a desktop background image. For some backgrounds, that might be perfectly acceptable.

  • Roderick W. Smith

    FWIW, I've gotten better transparency support working. You can check it out in the current git version, or in the following test binary:

    Be aware that this is very early support. It should work fine if you're using the standard banner, or another small banner. With a full-screen banner, the main menu should look OK if it's relatively light and low in contrast (text is stuck at black with no way to adjust it). The text screens (information page, boot options) don't yet implement transparancy and they're a bit on the ugly side at the moment against a full-screen image. I'm thinking of cleaning that up and doing a solid color (similar to a windowing environment window) for legibility, but I may instead go for transparency on them, too.

  • Roderick W. Smith

    I've uploaded a much-improved test version to git and as a binary package here:

    This version adds support for PNG icons, banners, and selector backgrounds; and it does a much better job with text screens, including automatically changing the text color to white vs. black. I hope to make a 0.6.5 release in a day or two.

  • Roderick W. Smith

    This feature is now fully working -- you can specify a banner as large as you like, and the OS tags are drawn with proper transparency, including the selection background. There's a sample on the theming page of the rEFInd documentation; or you can try it out yourself. FWIW, this version also adds support for PNG as a file format for banners, OS tag icons, and selection backgrounds.


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