rEFInd 0.7.2 hangs on Legacy Boot

  • Grant Pannell

    Grant Pannell - 2013-08-07


    Seem to be having trouble with rEFInd 0.7.2. MacBookAir3,2 trying to boot Windows (Legacy/BIOS boot) seems to hang at the Windows logo forever.

    I tracked it down to function StartEFIImageList to an IsValidLoader call.

    for (DevicePathIndex = 0; DevicePaths[DevicePathIndex] != NULL; DevicePathIndex++) {
       FindVolumeAndFilename(DevicePaths[DevicePathIndex], &Volume, &Filename);
       // Some EFIs crash if attempting to load driver for invalid architecture, so
       // protect for this condition....
       if (IsValidLoader(Volume->RootDir, Filename)) {
          // DOES NOT GET HERE
          ReturnStatus = Status = refit_call6_wrapper(BS->LoadImage, FALSE, SelfImageHandl...

    Replacing the IsValidLoader call with if (1 == 1) makes everything work fine again. I think Volume or Filename must be NULL. If I try if (Volume != NULL && Filename != NULL) rEFInd no longer hangs, but Legacy booting gives error "Invalid loader file!"

  • Roderick W. Smith

    Sorry about that. I've fixed the problem and uploaded a new version (0.7.3).

  • Grant Pannell

    Grant Pannell - 2013-08-07

    0.7.3 works great. Thanks!


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