Manual Entries stopped working after update from 0.6.8 to 0.6.10

Steve W
  • Steve W

    Steve W - 2013-05-08

    Running on Arch Linux x64.
    Manual entries work fine on refind 0.6.8 but running 0.6.10 system freezes when manual entries selected. If I add ",internal" to the end of the scanfor line like this:

    scanfor manual,external,optical,internal

    Then manual entries work fine in 0.6.10 but I don't want to do an internal scan.


    timeout 10
    resolution 1024 768
    scanfor manual,external,optical
    menuentry "Arch Linux" {
    icon /EFI/refind/icons/os_arch.icns
    loader /EFI/arch/vmlinuz-arch.efi
    initrd /EFI/arch/initramfs-arch.img
    options "root=LABEL=A64-root-2012-12 ro resume=LABEL=lswap rootfstype=ext4 add_efi_memmap"
    submenuentry "Fallback initramfs" {
    initrd /EFI/arch/initramfs-arch-fallback.img
    submenuentry "Rescue" {
    add_options "systemd.unit=rescue nomodeset"

    menuentry "Windows 7" {
    loader \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi
    submenuentry "Windows Boot bootx64.efi" {
    loader \EFI\Boot\bootx64.efi

    menuentry "Lubuntu grub" {
    icon \EFI\refind\icons\os_ubuntu.icns
    volume "ESP2"
    loader \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi
    submenuentry "Lubuntu grub /dev/sda" {
    volume "ESP1"

  • Roderick W. Smith

    I've tried to reproduce this problem, but without success. I used your configuration file, although I did have to point it to my kernel and use options for my test system. Do all of your manual entries hang, or just some of them? What about the submenu entries? Also, are you using my rEFInd binary (if so, from which package?) or one from Arch? (If the latter, it's conceivable that there's a problem with that specific binary build.) What sort of computer do you have (make and model)?


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