Hi Matthias,

Thanks. I've pasted the file below.

For PDF output, you shouldn't include these parameters:


I'm not using the URL for the PDF output.  The problem I end up having with is the PDF output when I expand the toggle button and see the "Save citation" section.  The behaviour of the PDF output there changes based on what I searched for displaying all entries for a particular author.

It's hard to imagine that this is directly related to the
"citeOrder=year" parameter. Could it be the length of the GET URL? Do
shorter URLs also work with "citeOrder=year"?

I tried shorter URLs with citeOrder=year and it gives me the same issue.  I tried the URL with just "show.php?records=all&submit=Cite&citeOrder=year" but when I expand the toggle and click on PDF it gives the error.

Thanks for all your help.

-- Hiren
?phpinclude 'initialize/db.inc.php';include 'includes/header.inc.php';include 'includes/include.inc.php';
include 'initialize/ini.inc.php';

displayHTMLhead(encodeHTML($officialDatabaseName) . " -- " . $loc["Home"], "index,fo
llow", "Search the " . encodeHTML($officialDatabaseName), "", true, "", $viewType, $

$recentAdditionsResultTable = "";
$recentAdditionsQueryURL = $databaseBaseURL . "show.php?records=all&submit=Cite&cite

// This is my original search URL.
//$recentAdditionsQueryURL = $databaseBaseURL . "show.php?records=all&submit=Cite&sh
name=MyFirst&last_name=My Last&citeStyle=Chiacgo";

$recentAdditionsResultTable = fetchDataFromURL($recentAdditionsQueryURL);

if (!empty($recentAdditionsResultTable)) {
  print $recentAdditionsResultTable;