Hi Carl,

for Bibutils 3.x, there are binaries available at:


Does the Bookends upload work when using Bibutils 3.x?

Thanks, Matthias

On 25.04.2013 at 19:42 Carl Boe <boe@demog.berkeley.edu> wrote:

I am using Gentoo ebuilds  for refbase(0.95) and bibutils (4.12).  I
believe that I set things up UTF8.  I see
 $contentTypeCharset = "UTF-8";
 $convertExportDataToUTF8 = "yes";
in ini.inc.php

Searching the forums and this list, I see that there are problems with the
BOM for bibutils > 3.  There is not a convenient Gentoo package for
bibutils 3.