I downloaded bibutils (wget http://www.scripps.edu/~cdputnam/software/bibutils/bibutils_4.12_i386.tgz), gunzipped, untared, cd'ed to the directory, created a file called test.bib (see below) and ran

./bib2xml test.bib > test.xml

This worked fine on my ubuntu desktop but didn't work on my server (where I do not have root access). Unfortunately, I want to build refbase on the server and can't get it to work without bibutils. The only visible output is

Floating point exception

Do you have a hint?


PS.: I have some instructions for installing refbase if you don't have root access. It took me a while to figure this out working from install.php, so I thought I'd share it here:

(1) make recommended changes in initialize/db.inc.php (username,
nameofdatabase (refbase), password)

(2) create database refbase on server

(3) run install.sql in mysql

(4)  run in mysql
update depends set depends_path="/path/to/refbase/" where depends_external="refbase";
update depends set depends_path="/path/to/bibutils_4.12/" where depends_external="bibutils";
update depends set depends_enabled="false" where depends_external="pdftotext";

(5) delete install.php

(6) Go to index.php user@refbase.net password = start

(7) Comment out line 5213 in /includes/include.inc.php to get rid of fopen warning

(8) "There were validation errors regarding the data you entered" upon import

see http://refbase.textdriven.com/Installation-Troubleshooting -- no solution yet this is either a step (7) or a bibutils problem


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