I'm trying to migrate a refbase installation.
And have some trouble with some characters display at the new server.
The install in both servers is utf-8.

The problem is that if I look at the records via PhpMyAdmin everything is fine, characters are displayed as it should be.
But if I look at the same record via refbase some characters are incorrect.
So I'm guessing that apache/mysql/php are ok

I must add that I tried a lot of things from your troubleshooting page.

Package (apache,mysql,php) versions in both servers are different.

I checked for differences in mysql system variables
I checked for correct dump of original database
I reinstalled from scratch the refbase installation.
I even copied the refbase files tree from the original to the new server.
And a lot of other things.

Any ideas?


Gustavo Berman
Sysadmin - Gerencia de Física - Centro Atómico Bariloche - CNEA
CCAI - Universidad Nacional del Comahue