as per the troubleshooting advice given at:


Did you ensure that:

Also, it may be worth to try again using a different browser.

And please double check that variable '$adminLoginEmail' (in file 'initialize/ini.inc.php') is still set to "user@refbase.net" when attempting to log in for the first time (to set up your own admin user).


Am 11.09.2012 um 10:07 schrieb 张俊杰 <xdlailai@gmail.com>:

After your I  successfull installation of refbase, I should create your own admin account. I do it as the follows.

Please, make sure that you exactly follow the steps outlined on the welcome page after successful installation. These steps are:

(make sure that the top right corner of your screen says: "You're logged in as Admin (user@refbase.net), if not see Troubleshooting below)
but when I log in using the user@refbase.net,  initial refbase user can't add user. This account isn't admin. please look the picture.why? 
$adminLoginEmail variable in  the file initialize/ini.inc.php is user@refbase.net.
<2012-09-11 15:37:09的屏幕截图.png>