that's cool. It's worked!

For those like myself who only create one user and then forgot their password, here are the steps I followed thanks to Rick's help (pretty much a summary of his emails):

a) Open the file initialize/ini.inc.php in a text editor and change the value of $addNewUsers to 'everyone'.
b) Then load the user_details.php and create a new user in the refbase web interface.
c) Go back to the initialize/ini.inc.php file and change the $adminLoginEmail value to the user email you created in the previous step.
d) Then goto theĀ  'manage users' page in your browser (users.php) and click the 'edit details' link for the account password you wish to reset to change the password (the one I forgot the password of in my case)
e) Re-edit initialize/ini.inc.php to return the $adminLoginEmail and $addNewUsers variables.
f) Delete the new user you created (if you don't need it).


On 08/07/2014 18:44, Richard Karnesky wrote:
To create a new user, you need to go to user_details.php