[this was originally posted within another forum thread but is re-posted here for easier access]

refbase v0.8 offers a new user specific field (called 'related') where you can enter both, static or dynamic pointers that will directly link to one or more records. It works as follows: If you'd like to link to another record in the database, enter its serial number into the 'related' field. You can link to multiple records by entering several serials which are separated by a semicolon:

'123; 234; 4562; 12367'

Viewing your current record in details view, you'll see a new icon within the 'Links' column. Clicking this link will show all your "related" records.

You'll also be able to specify dynamic (i.e. automatically updating) links by entering a query like:

'author:lee; title:ecosystem'

which will display all records that contain 'lee' within the 'author' field -OR- where the 'title' field contains 'ecosystem'. I.e., the query syntax is FIELDNAME:SEARCHSTRING and multiple query items are separated by a semicolon.

Alternatively, you may also specify a full SQL WHERE clause, for example:

'author = "Lee, R" AND thesis RLIKE ".+"'

which will find all database entries that exactly contain 'Lee, R' in the 'author' field -AND- where the 'thesis' field is not empty.

Again, you can combine different query types by separating queries with a semicolon:

'123; 234; title:ecosystem; author = "Lee, R" AND thesis RLIKE ".+"'

An example screenshot can be seen here: