larmarange - 2009-04-30

$headerMsg is used to display a specific search via a URL.

On the main page (index.php), if you want to change the welcome message, you have to change "Default Welcome Message" entry in locale files. More generally, it's possible to modify text of interface by changing entries in locale files.

But if you upgrade refbase, your changes will be overwritten because you have forked locale files.

It would be fine to have a system to overload default entries in locale files without having to modify files provided by refbase.

An example: in locales folders (e. g. 'en' or 'fr' or 'de'), user will have the possibility to add and files with just the custom fields. Example:

"Default Welcome Message"=>"My custom message",
"LibrarySearch"=>"My specific search"

Then, when charging locale files, refbase will load and, if there is a, load

A system like this allows a customisation of refbase in different langages and custom modification will not be changed when upgrading refbase.

Best regards