Web annoyance

  • Jerome Auclair

    Jerome Auclair - 2007-07-13

    Make the XREF link "find record details (via OpenURL)" beside the records open in a new window. When it open in the same windows you need to use back to get back in refbase. Which is kind of anoying since you use the XREF function to probably add crossed referenced material.

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Jerome, while we generally try to avoid spawning new windows I agree that the XREF link is a case where this would be actually useful. Personally, it never occurred to me as a problem since I always use keyboard modifiers to quickly open links in new windows or tabs whenever I wish so.

      I'll see if we can change this for the next revision. In the meantime, you could do the fix yourself, it's an easy one: Open file 'search.php' and search for the string "find record details (via OpenURL)". This will give you the two locations where the XREF/OpenURL link is generated. Add a 'target=\&quot;top\&quot;' attribute to the link tag ('<a href=...') and you should be done with it.



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