In some previous thread in the Help forum, somebody asked:

> How does Refbase handle duplicate records?

The handling of duplicates in refbase-0.9.0 is described here:

In short: While refbase-0.9.0 provides means to manually flag records as duplicate entries, it doesn't yet offer some kind of automatic detection of duplicates.

Better methods for handling duplicates is a frequently requested feature:

We have started to develop a simple duplicate detection mechanism. You can try this new feature online at our refbase beta database:

To test this feature:

- log in to the database
- perform a search, e.g.
- click on the "dups" link that's displayed in the status message
- hit the "Find Duplicates" button in the displayed form

This will find many (if not all) duplicate records for your current query. You can play with the form settings to tweak the results list.

The feature is currently only available in our refbase development version (within the bleeding-edge branch of our SVN source code repository at SourceForge):

We plan to integrate a similar duplicate detection mechanism with the import feature so that refbase would be able to skip any records from import which already exist in the database. And ideally, some smart skip/update/merge capability would be offered on duplicate detection.