I‘ve been fiddling with refbase for a month or so and would like to thank the developers for being among the few to continually work on a solution that answers many researchers’ needs and to make it available for free.

A number of features come to mind which I think would be welcome additions to refbase. One which has not been addressed here before (as far as I can see) and which may require a lot of head-scratching from developers is the ability to cross-reference publications in a way which integrates the cross-link in the citation and so eliminates the need to enter the same thing twice or more. I’m thinking of two specific areas in particular where that would be extremely useful: collections of articles (whether books, encyclopedias or journals) and review articles. This means:

* In review articles, a link to a separate entry for the reviewed publication or publications. (Note that some review articles have actual descriptive titles, while others simply give a reference in one format or another. So the title should accommodate both.)
* In articles which are part of a collection, a simple link to a separate entry for the collection itself. When for instance you’re faced with the arduous task of entering 100+ encyclopedia entries, it would be a great relief if you had the encyclopedia itself cross-linked or whatever and only needed to add author, title, volume and page number(s).

Not only would it ease up the task of adding references (at least in the latter case), but it would also increase the consistency of citations.