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  • Ray

    Ray - 2004-02-23

    this wouldn't be hard to do, but would be very interesting - linking citations within the database. IE, when a citation references other works, it'd be nice to somehow check if that reference is already within the database, or at least be able to define the link. This could extend in the future to the ability to pull down information from sources like either CiteSeer (bibtex based) or Thomson ISI. 

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Ray!

      The feature you're asking for has been implemented already :) and will be available with the next release version of refbase. In its first incarnation, this feature isn't as advanced as you describe it but your ideas are interesting.

      Currently, there's simply a new user specific field (called 'related') where you can enter both, static or dynamic pointers that will directly link to one or more records. It works as follows: If you'd like to link to another record in the database, enter its serial number into the 'related' field. You can link to multiple records by entering several serials which are separated by a semi-colon:

         '123; 234; 4562; 12367'

      Viewing your current record in details view, you'll see a new icon within the 'Links' column. Clicking this link will show all your 'related records'.

      You'll also be able to specify dynamic links by entering a query like:

         'author:lee; title:ecosystem'

      which will display all records that contain 'lee' within the 'author' field -OR- where the 'title' field contains 'ecosystem'. Alternatively, you can also specify a full WHERE clause, for example:

         'author = "Lee, R" AND thesis RLIKE ".+"'

      which will find all database entries that exactly contain 'Lee, R' in the 'author' field -AND- where the 'thesis' field is not empty.

      The only drawback: I can't tell you any release date when the new version sporting this feature will be available. ;-)

      Best regards, Matthias


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