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  • Knut Krüger

    Knut Krüger - 2007-03-27

    It would be helpful to store a collection of references, this should be local on the HD, because of security issues.

    The purpose of this feature should be, to change the reference list style for a submited paper if it would be rejected and must be resubmitted to another journal.... a common procedure :-(

    This should be possible for different records of references - means different submitted papers.

    It would be a great help not to change the reference list by hand or to buy an expensive  citiaton mamagement software.

    Regards Knut

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Knut, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "store a collection of references". I guess that you mean something else than simply exporting your references to Endnote/RIS/BibTeX?

      Is it that you want to maintain a Endnote/RIS/BibTeX file offline and have it stay in sync with a refbase database? If so, we have talked about this feature. Personally, I'd find such a file synchronization between a remote refbase database and a local file useful.

      If you're referring to something else, coul you please rephrase your request?

      Thanks, Matthias

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hmm no I think I have another idea, but maybe its not possible or there is no need for

      I would use the RefBase also to get aid in preparing scientific papers.
      the first reaon to get an offline file with the citiations is that the author will expand the reference list durring writing the paper.
      so it would be helpful if there could be a list with all used references for paper A, for paper B and so on.
      If the paper is submitted the author migt get it back - rejected - sometimes more than one time.
      So he must resubmit it with another style of the reference list

      There are just now two possibilities:
      1. to by a software to change the citations (ok the sofware is able to do more but it's expensive)
      2. to change them manual

      It would be easy to change the reference list from
      the journal X would like to get the references in Style Polar Biol
      the journal y would like to get the reference list with style Dep Sea Res
      if there is any possibility to manage the used references for each paper which is in preparation.

      Feature 1
      add markes search results to reference list PaperX

      Feature 2
      copy reference list paperX to a new record PaperY

      Feature 3
      open reference list from PaperZ like a search result to manage the list

      Feature 4 (already inplemented export the marked references from the search)

      export the marked references from the stored reference list

      Hope this helps

      • Richard Karnesky

        You can use the "related records" field on a record representing your manuscript to give the reference list & this can be manually copied to another record.  You can view all related records & so export them in whichever citation format you want at a later time.

        Alternatively, you can have a "group" that is the set of papers which one paper cites & do the same thing.

    • Matthias Steffens

      As Rick suggests, you could add each citation which you've used within a particular paper to a group. E.g., I have a group named, say, "Paper 1" which contains all references that I've cited in my "Paper 1". I have similar groups for all of my papers, and for my theses. Then, it's easy to output again all references of a particular group using a different citation style (or export format).

      refbase also offers a somewhat more automatic way: Using "extract.php" (see the "extract citations" link on your main refbase page), refbase has the ability to extract citations from a text and generate a formatted list of references from that. If you include your cite keys (or the refbase database serial numbers) of your cited records within the document, then its possible to generate references list from your source document. This feature is explained here:

      Using a word processor (such as MS Word), it's possible to hide these identifiers via a character style. I.e., you don't need to remove these identifiers for print output. This is explained in more detail here:


    • Knut Krüger

      Knut Krüger - 2007-03-27

      So the reference list is stored offline in the Wordfile - great

      But the suggestion to store the information in the database is only available for registered user.
      There are two problems.
      No everybody would like to store those information in an external database, and the owner of the database must create a lot of users.
      If yes an offline part of the database for not registered users would be helpful for both

      To prevent wasting yoour time I have to read all the manuals, maybe there is a way without that and I am copmlete wrong

      Regards Knut

    • Matthias Steffens

      refbase does not store the actual references in the word processor file. By inserting cite keys or serial numbers within your source document, you just store *pointers* to your refbase records within that file. If you haven't tried this feature, it's worth playing with it. And based on your posts in this thread, I think that this feature could be a viable solution to your problem.

      Also note that if this feature is used with serial numbers (instead of cite keys), it does NOT require you to register as a refbase user. The "groups" feature does require you to register, though. These are simply different ways to accomplish the same goal, and you can choose whatever suits you best.

      Maintaining a list of references offline might not be as trivial as it might look initially. What if the user modifies this list of references offline? Some kind of smart synchronization would be required to have this work flawlessly.

      If you're a LaTeX/BibTeX user, then the BibTeX synch feature (mentioned in my first post of this thread) may be exactly what you're asking for, except that the final reference list is generated by BibTeX and not by refbase. This may be desirable, anyhow, since BibTeX supports many more citation styles.


    • Matthias Steffens

      Btw, you could also use a free desktop reference manager such as Bibus[1], Jabref[2], Bibdesk[3] or Zotero[4] to keep an offline repository of all references stored in your refbase database. Using Zotero you can add references displayed on a refbase web page simply by clicking a single button. Otherwise, you'd need to export newly added references from refbase and import into your local reference management application.


      Bibus allows you to insert references into Writer or MS Word documents and to format the bibliographies. Zotero has experimental support for MS Word. On Mac OS X, Bibdesk integrates nicely with LateX. So, there are many free bibliographic apps which can be used in conjunction with a refbase database.

      Building upon this, we have plans to develop better integration with desktop reference managers.

      However, since this requires agreements between developers of different tools, it may take some time until this gets implemented.



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