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  • Medblue

    Medblue - 2008-05-25

    How do we delete "Ecology", "Ice", "Primary Production", and "Stable Isotopes" from the Group menu?

    SQL Query for this?



    • Matthias Steffens


      > How do we delete "Ecology", "Ice", "Primary Production", and "Stable Isotopes" from the Group menu?

      The group menu lists all groups that are assigned to any of your records. So, in case of the example records, you could just delete all the example records. Alternatively, if one wants to keep the records in question, you could display them all on one page, select them all, and use the "Remove group" functionality under the search results to remove the selected records from the chosen group. If no records are assigned to a particular group name anymore, the group name will automatically disappear from the group dropdown menu.

      Hope this was understandable, let us know if you can't get it working.


    • Medblue

      Medblue - 2008-05-25

      This is very helpful and exactly what we thought. While this method of deleting works for new groups that we create (and then delete), it is not working for the example / default groups that were initially installed ("Ecology", "Ice", "Primary Production", "Stable Isotopes").

      Do you have suggestions as to how we can delete these example / default groups manually instead of through the web interface?

      Thank you for your help!


    • Matthias Steffens

      Strange that you cannot get rid of the groups from the sample data via the GUI.

      Assuming that you'd like to get rid of all the example data (records with record IDs 1 to 12), you could issue these SQL queries (when logged in as admin, or from the SQL command line interpreter):

      DELETE FROM refs WHERE serial < 13;
      DELETE FROM user_data WHERE record_id < 13;

      This should remove the first 12 records in your database.

      Btw, more info about SQL batch search & replace actions as well as batch deletions is given at:

      Hope this helps, Matthias

    • Medblue

      Medblue - 2008-05-26

      Worked perfectly. Thanks!


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