probl w transfer of refbase PDFs to new srvr

  • Gert

    Gert - 2009-04-21

    Hi there,
    at the moment we are migrating our old Refbase installation from a shared host at one Uni to a new server (also shared at computing center) at new uni. All fine so far, can access records as usual, BUT the folder that contains the attached PDFs (/refbase/pdf) can not be copied - premission denied. all folders within have drwxr-x--- (750).
    I do not want to mess around with the permissions which apparently have been set by Refbase to allow user-specific access to the PDFs, but we need to migrate this folder and all of its contents asap to make our database fully functional again.
    Is there a solution?

    best regards


    • Richard Karnesky

      The unix permissions should not determine what users have access to pdfs via refbase: any file that is readable by the user that apache runs under should will be readable.

      It is likely that the sub-directories you mentioned are owned by this web-server account.  It should be fine to change the owner or permissions such that you can copy the files.  You can then change the owner/permissions on the 2nd server so that the web-server user has access to the files.


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