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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm deciding whether to use RefBase for a major collaborative project - the program looks really great. I used it about a year ago myself but wonder about the following: is it possible to add multiple author types?

    For instance, for a book section: author x is the author of the book section; author y is the editor of the book.

    And secondly, is it possible to have: title x is the title of the book section; title y is the title of the book?

    Perhaps I'm just not seeing the obvious.

    Many thanks,


    • Daniel Stepputtis

      Dear Raf,
      yes, it is possible to enter things as asked for.

      Here a rough guideline how to enter things for book chapters (thats what you have asked for?):

      If you are at the  "edit record"-page enter data in following fields
      scheme: - dataset (example): field

      - Author of Book chapter (e.g. "Blaxter, JH, Batty, RS"): Author-field
      - Title of Book chapter (e.g. "Herring behaviour in the light and dark"): Title-field
      - Book chapter: Type-field
      - Year (e.g. "1990"): year-field
      - Title of Book (e.g."Light and Life in the Sea"): Publication-field
      - Pages (e.g. "209-220"): pages-field
      - Publisher (e.g. "Cambridge University Press"): Publisher-field
      - Place (e.g. "Cambridge (UK)"): Place-field
      - Editor/Author of Book (e.g. Herring, PJ;..."): Editor-field
      especially for books it may be a good idea to enter the ISBN, as well.

      If you did this correctly, please try to cite this reference, than you will see, that it is cited correctly (thanks to Matthias ;-).

      For example in "Polar Biology"-Style
      Blaxter JHS, Batty RS (1990) Herring behaviour in the light and dark. In: Herring PJ, Campbell AK, Whitfield M, Maddock L (eds) Light and Life in the Sea. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK), pp 209–220

      Hope that was the answer

      Have a nice day and dont hesitate to ask, if you have more questions.

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Raf,

      Daniel already gave you good advice on how to add a book chapter in refbase. You can see the full entry for his example here:

      If you hover and pause your mouse over any of the text-entry fields in the "edit record" form, you should see some field explanations and entry hints/examples.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks a lot Daniel and Matthias - that's exactly what I was wondering about.


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