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  • Irish

    Irish - 2012-04-10

    I would like to add Keywords to the simple search (and I hope to just get rid of the link to the Advanced Search). I have successfully added it to the simple_search.php so Keywords field shows up and uses the auto complete properly. However, when I hit Search, it displays all records. When I look at the query: SELECT author, title, year, publication, volume, pages FROM refs LEFT JOIN user_data ON serial = record_id AND user_id = 2 WHERE serial RLIKE ".+" ORDER BY author, year DESC, publication - it is obvious that the Keywords is not being added in to the query.

    I've looked through the search.php and the simple_search.php - nothing I've tried works. Any assistance would be grand. Thanks.

  • Irish

    Irish - 2012-04-10

    Figured out the location in search.php and now it works perfectly!!! Woohoo…..

  • Matthias Steffens

    Hi elliscj,

    glad you could figure it out by yourself. And let us know, if you need help with the removal of the "Advanced Search" link.

    W.r.t. to "Simple Search", I've played with a more flexible solution where (among other things) you could easily specify the fields that are made available in the "Simple Search" form. But this isn't done yet.

    Regards, Matthias

  • Irish

    Irish - 2012-04-10

    That would be a great addition to refbase!! It would make my life sooooo much easier.


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