DOI import issue

  • Tom Vercauteren

    Tom Vercauteren - 2008-12-04


    I started using the DOI import feature of refbase. It usually works fine but in some cases, it fails.

    For example you can try to import the following doi into
    You'll see it go to a blank page. Any clue?


    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Tom,

      I can replicate your issue. AFAIK, the CrossRef XML format has not been documented publicly. This means, we can only guess about the format by checking out real-world entries. In case of your DOI, the XML data returned by CrossRef have different base tags, and other XML tags differ as well.

      Compare the CrossRef XML data for these two DOIs (10.1109/CVPR.2008.4587687 and 10.1515/BOT.2001.002):

      The latter format is supported by refbase, but the former is currently not supported (since I didn't know it existed).

      Thanks for the report, I'll put this on my TODO list. And if you run into more issues with the DOI importer, please let us know. Without a formal format specification, we need real-world examples to further improve the DOI importer.


      • --Peter

        --Peter - 2009-06-04

        hi Matthias,

        I also have the blank page issue (from import_modify.php, vesion 0.95) with most DOI links I use:


        from 3 different journals

        thanks for addressing this issue, best regards,
        -- Peter

        • Richard Karnesky

          When I first tried one of those, CrossRef's resolver was down.  I tried again shortly later & it worked.  Did you complete your CrossRef user/pass & verify that they work by going to the URL manually?  If so, you may try again now (in case you also tried when CrossRef was down.


        • Richard Karnesky


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