Crossref Question

  • timt

    timt - 2010-04-16


    I am now trying to configure the crossref feature for our refbase installation, but am having some trouble. I tried updating the $crossRefReqDat variable in with my registered email, but for some reason my the "pid" bit won't show up in the crossref URL. If I go in and manually add "" to the generated crossref URL, then it works properly.

    Also, if I manually add a doi to a record, it also works. Any idea why the "pid" isn't showing up in the URL?



  • timt

    timt - 2010-04-16

    Actually, even when I manually enter the pid it doesn't really work properly. I just tried searching for a record that I know for sure has a doi, but the crossref link was unable to locate it without having the doi manually entered into the record. …


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