'greater than or equal to' sign translated in

  • Knut Krüger

    Knut Krüger - 2008-07-25

    Hi Matthias
    What sign could I use for the 'greater than or equal to' sign in the abstracts?
    Its changed into ≥2 after saving the record:

    The database field format for abstracts is latin1_swedish_ci

    Regards Knut

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Knut,

      > What sign could I use for the 'greater than or equal to' sign

      The 'greater-than or equal to' character is a Unicode character (U+2265) that cannot be displayed using the latin1 (ISO-8859-1) character set.


      So, I'd simply suggest to use an ASCII representation for it: >=

      Btw, for a latin1 database, the newest refbase SVN version (in the bleeding-edge directory) will attempt to transliterate characters that cannot be displayed in the latin1 charset. This would automatically convert the  'greater than or equal to' sign (≥) to >=. However, ATM this only happens during import but not when adding records manually. I've noted this on my ToDo list and will try to fix this soon.



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