Use of Boolean operators AND or OR in search boxes

  • Douglas Grindlay

    I am currently working on a basic introduction to using RefBase to complement the online help.

    Can I just confirm please that only single terms with no Booleans AND or OR can be used in the Quick search box, and that AND and OR cannot be used in the search boxes in the other searches either?

    The Simple and Advanced searches seem to combine the search lines with AND. Is there any way to OR different terms within a specific field or within all fields, for example when searching for synonyms of a particular disease (of which there can be many in veterinary medicine, my area)

    Douglas Grindlay

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  • Douglas Grindlay

    Thanks. That thread, which I missed when searching for previous queries, confirms that Booleans cannot be used within a search box.

    I will recommend our users to search for one term (ideally with main fields in the Quick search), and then use Search within Results to effectively combine terms with AND. One issue is that in Search Within RTesults it is not possible to search the main fields, unlike in the Quick Search. This makes it difficult for users to search the main fields for two terms combined (e.g. cats AND dogs). And it does not allow for the Boolean OR. I don't think many of our users will be up to using SQL commands.

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  • Richard Karnesky

    The '|' character stands in for "OR" in the search box.

  • Douglas Grindlay

    Following up this query, our database is nearly ready to go live. Our users are most likely to search by topic, meaning they need to search title, abstract and keywords. This can be done with the quick search ("main fields"), but if they want to combine terms with "AND" using search within results, is there a way that they could search main fields, and not just single fields, so they can include the title, abstract and keywords again in the second search?



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  • Richard Karnesky

    Not at the present time. This functionality has been implemented privately in other deployments, and we'll likely add it at a later time. But that is unlikely to happen before you go live.

  • Douglas Grindlay

    Thanks Richard.

    I think it would be useful functionality to build in in any future version of Refbase, as many databases will be used by people searching for records on a particular topic rather than author, journal, year etc.


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