Bibutils installation

  • mark

    mark - 2010-02-16

    I'm on a virtual host and the installation instructions are not particularly clear on how to install bibutils in such a case. What I did was copy the bibutils files into a subfolder called and specify this folder during the refbase install script.

    However this hasn't worked, since I get the error message "There were validation errors regarding the data you entered" even for records that import fine into one of the demo databases.

    Does anyone here have more specific instructions on how to get bibutils working with Refbase?

  • mark

    mark - 2010-02-16

    Oh wait a sec, I see there's an existing topic on this (which the Sourceforge search did not retrieve). Let me go look.

  • mark

    mark - 2010-02-19

    I pointed my sysadmin to this thread and he compiled Bibutils on the server and linked it to Refbase. It works fine now.

    So I got lucky. I think there are lots of people on virtual hosting without such helpful sysadmins though. The process is not really obvious (especially the compiling part) if you're used to handling web scripts but are not a *nix person.

  • Matthias Steffens

    Hi Mark,

    glad you could resolve your issues. Note that compilation of Bibutils isn't the usual case. Normally, you just have to download the binaries for your platform and put them at a path that is accesible by Apache/PHP & refbase.


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