juan carlos - 2009-10-16

I couldn't install refbase automatically, and i did manually. but i keep getting a error message.


can you help me please?

thanks a lot!!!!

    *  Which version of refbase do you use?
    * Which platform are you using?
    * Do you use a particular package such as XAMPP?
    i don't know what is that
    * Which versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP are you running?
    Apache version 2.2.14 (Unix)
    PHP version 5.2.11
    MySQL version 5.0.81-community
    * Can you execute other PHP web applications just fine? I.e., is it only refbase that is causing you trouble?
    yes I installed and I'm running drupal
    * Can you access MySQL correctly, from the command line as well as from web administration tools such as phpMyAdmin?
    * Do you experience the same error/problem using a different browser or computer?
    i don't know but i think so.
    * Do you know about special config settings within your httpd.conf, php.ini or my.cnf configuration files?
    yes i changed php.ini -- i don't know the others
    * Compare your php.ini with the list of required php.ini settings and report any differences.
    yes, all of them.

    * Regarding php.ini settings, especially verify that safe_mode is OFF for installation. If you can't change this setting, you may need to perform a manual installation.
    is off
    * Have a look at your server's error log and report anything that may be connected with refbase.

nothing related.
    * Please make sure that PHP error reporting is enabled and report any error messages displayed in your browser. #