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Is some help content in the RefBase documentation missing

  • Douglas Grindlay

    I have been looking at the help content in the RefBase Documentation, looking particularly at the page on searching At the top of this page under Search Options there are various headings which are links: Basic search - Quick Search and Search pages - Simple Search Advanced Search SQL Search Library Search. However, clicking on most of these links does not take me to a new page but gives an error mesage: "You have to login to edit pages." The only one of these links that leads to content is "Library Search".

    The other thing new users will need is a basic description of the different screens in the Interface. Again the links mostly don't work in the list of links in the page about the Interface:

    I think for most external users of a RefBase database it is the search functions and a description of the main views in the interface that will be of most interest and use to them, so the missing information is potentially important. Is there some content missing?


    Douglas Grindlay

  • Richard Karnesky

    That content hasn't been written yet. None of the documentation writers have tackled it yet, partly because there really isn't much hidden on non-intuitive to explain. Perhaps it would feel more complete if the wikilinks were removed & a one line description was added. Unless you have additional suggestions?

  • Douglas Grindlay

    OK, thanks Richard. I just wanted to check in case it was a browser problem or similar.

    The feedback we got from veterinarians trying our test RefBase database was that a simple explanation of the layout of the home page and the different page views, and the basics of searching would be of assistance to the non-specialist user. In other words, a quick guide to "getting started" in RefBase.


    Last edit: Douglas Grindlay 2013-06-03

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