bibutils 4.8 (OS X)

  • Daniel Becker

    Daniel Becker - 2010-08-25

    Hello -

    I used to upload data to my refbase installation by converting a bibtex-file to mods with bibutils 4.2 (on OS X). Then to ris. And then upload to the webpage via the import page.

    I upgraded to bibutils 4.8 and now even simple german umlauts don't make it on the webpage (

    * Is anyone here aware of changes in bibutils from 4.2 to 4.8 that may be  the cause?
    * I tried an ris file at and it just worked. What version of bibuils is installed there?

    Thanks - Daniel

  • Daniel Becker

    Daniel Becker - 2010-08-26

    Me again.

    I now downgraded my local bibutils installation to 4.2 but this didn't change anything.
    I also discovered that some Umlauts import ok, others don't. So there must be a difference between them that I don't see while working with the bibtext-database. I will find out…

    Still, it seems that is better with importing the ris entries I create. So I would still like to know which version of bibutils is used there. Is the mysql-database in UTF8 or in latin1?

    Thanks - Daniel


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