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  • Esteve

    Esteve - 2010-12-16


    I want to embed the reference list for a specific author on a webpage that's located on a different webpage than the refbase.
    Therefor, I want to use the show.js in the javascript directory. However, my call to the script (see below) does not produce any output. I've put a debug message within the script showing the url created in showRef() - it seems that the script is correctly executed. I'm quite inexperienced with javascript/html so I'd be really glad if anybody could give me a hint on what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you

    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/common.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/builder.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/controls.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/effects.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/prototype.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/scriptaculous.js?load=effects,controls"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/show.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" SRC="http://myserver.de/refbase/javascript/slider.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript" >
  • Richard Karnesky

    The best way to do this is to use local javascript files & to modify show.js to point to show.php on your server.  But your HTML is also bad:  You have a stray closing form tag (no actual form) & you do not have an 'includerefs' element for show.js to update.


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