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  • Colon Grease

    Colon Grease - 2009-02-13

    Is there a way to list the category of literature items as a column in the "Show All" listing, or to list all items that are not categorized? It would be nice, so that you can tell what still needs to be categorized.

    • Richard Karnesky

      What do you mean by 'categories?'  User groups?

    • Colon Grease

      Colon Grease - 2009-02-13

      Yes. User groups.

      • Richard Karnesky

        Click "search and display options" to open it and then choose to "show" "user groups" under "display options"(on the right).

    • Matthias Steffens

      Adding to Rick's advice, you could also search for all records where the 'user_groups' field is empty. The easiest way is to do this:

      1. Click on the "Show All" link in the refbase page header.

      2. In List view, click on "Search and Display Options" (above the search results) to open it.

      3. Under "Search within Results", select the 'user_groups' field from the dropdown menu and enter "." (i.e. a single dot) in the search box. Finally, mark the "Exclude matches" checkbox and click the "Search" button.

      This will show you all records where the 'user_groups' field is empty.

      FYI: The dot character is a regular expression metacharacter. By default, refbase supports regular expression searches for all "contains" searches. More info on the search syntax is available here:



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