file renaming (cvs version)

  • Eelco Bredenhoff


    I installed the cvs version of refbase (just looks better) but ran into one problem. The renaming of uploaded files does not function.
    Files get uploaded and directories get created according to the placeholder syntax, however, the file itself is not renamed.

    $dirNamingScheme = "<:firstAuthor:>/<year:>";
    $fileNamingScheme = "<:serial:>_<:authors:>_<:year:>";

    upload file: smith and jones (2001).pdf
    results in the following file (in the files dir) on the server: /files/2001/smith/.pdf

    Which is annoying, as I have a number of references of the same author in the same year...

    Any ideas what is going wrong? Thanks


    • Richard Karnesky

      This works for me with the latest branch check out.  Are you using the latest trunk, the latest branch, or something else?  Can you turn your warning and error logging level for PHP up & report any complaints?

      • Eelco Bredenhoff

        I used the latest trunk version. I updated it to latest branch ('bleeding edge') and it now works fine.



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