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  • PL212

    PL212 - 2009-02-22

    I'm getting an odd behavior with my mysql  5.0.27-backed database which holds an import of ~ 1,600 Endnote X records.  Every record seems to be duplicated in the user interface, even though the database behind it has indeed only 1,600 records, not 3,200.  Here's what I mean:

    See how clicking on either of the two duplicate pairs takes you to the same record?

    Is there some hidden index I should clear out?  Thanks!

    • PL212

      PL212 - 2009-02-22

      Whoops, this is a better place to show it:

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi, I cannot replicate your issue with the given link. The database has 1622 records and doesn't seem to have any dups.

      Did you make any modifications to the refbase SQL tables or SQL querying?

      There's no indexing or caching, refbase always accesses the data in the MySQL database directly.


      • PL212

        PL212 - 2009-02-22

        Many thanks for your reply, and I'm embarrassed to say that you're right -- there are no more duplicates showing.  There truly were yesterday, but I suppose it was some momentary confusion in some cache somewhere (browser perhaps?)  At any rate, kudos to refbase for providing such a great tool...

  • Richard Karnesky

    Those URIs look fine, but we have not heard about this issue before.  Am I correct in assuming that you have not modified refbase and that our demonstration databases work fine when you are logged in to them?  If you need a second set of eyes, feel free to send temporary account info off-list.

    Please enable all error/notice/warning logging & report anything here.  Do you have any issues with other SQL JOINs?


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