Mapping WOS T2 and J2 fields

  • Mies Martin

    Mies Martin - 2010-06-04

    Hello again.  We've started to import bib infromation from EndNote to Refbase but seem to have discovered that journal title data located in the T2 field is incorrectly being maped to Refbase.  The data from T2 is being populated in the Abbreviated Journal filed and not the Publication field.  In addtion abbreviated title data from Endnote (J2) is not being mapped at all.  Does anyone have any idea how to correct this.

  • Richard Karnesky

    Presumably you mean RIS? 'T2' is a secondary title & is usually not used for the journal name (which should be 'J0') . I'd rewrite the Endnote filter to fix this if I were you. Bibutils uses T2 to store the abbreviated journal name, so changing the refbase filter would break import of any format that relied on bibutils. Don't know, off-hand, if this was a deliberate decision on Chris's part. "Secondary" title is not necessarily well-defined; refbase treats in as the abbreviated journal name if the type is a JOURnal article, the publication if it is a book CHAPter, and abbreviated series title for other types.

    J2 works, as long as you haven't already provided a short title (which you have in T2). If you want to change things in refbase, you'd need to edit the risToRefbase function in includes/ (but note, again, this will break bibutils import). Also note that refbase includes an Endnote style that you can use to export references from Endnote if this is a one-time operation.


  • Mies Martin

    Mies Martin - 2010-06-07

    Thanks Rick.  Your note is quite helpful.  I've been able to locate a version of the RefMan (RIS) Export filter and I'm now looking to edit the Journal Article template.  Refbase follows the Bibutils format correct?  I've been able to identify export fields from Endnote which we would want but I'm not too clear as to what fields these fields would need to map.  I see there is a placeholder syntax  Would this give me an indication as to what fields mapped to what?

  • Richard Karnesky

    To clarify: the one-time-use endnote importer is in contrib/endnote.  If you are doing this more than once, then yes: edit the Endnote RIS export filter to match refbase's expectations (that are compliant with the RIS specification & defer to the design of bibutils when there is any question).  The placeholder syntax page is not relevant.  Again: the mapping is listed in includes/  But, from what you describe, you'd only need to change the RIS export filter in endnote to use 'JO' for the journal name & everything should work.


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