call to undefined function error

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I did a manual install because I don't have root access on this shared server.
    LINUX (I don't know which)
    PHP ver 5.2.3
    MySQL 5.0.27
    safe_mode is OFF

    I loaded the bibutils and updated the depends table with the absolute path.

    Now getting this error on import, but I've had similar errors elsewhere

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function readfromfile() in /home/sarah34/public_html/metaneva/development/refbase/import_modify.php on line 231

    Is it just the include path? Cos I can use .htaccess to extend it, but really expected you to be using relative addressing from the refbase root in the install.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Weird one that went away??

      I was getting undefined function errors on import and export. So I put a trace into to see if it was loading on include, and it was. Updated depends table with refbase root path - no difference.
      Today the import/export work OK so it must just have been something about this shared server and code memory cache.

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi, I don't think that the error message you (did) get is related to the path specs in table 'depends'. refbase has a function 'readFromFile()' in file 'includes/' but it has no function that is named 'readfromfile()' (note the different character case in the function name). I'm not sure what could have caused your error. Let us know if you run into any further trouble.

      Thanks, Matthias


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