refbase and php 5.2

  • Ralf Witteler

    Ralf Witteler - 2012-02-01

    Hi all,

    First of all, thank you Matthias Steffens & Richard Karnesky and all who helped
    developing this fantastic piece of software. I'm using it every day and it looks
    and works really great. It really makes my day. (I'm always a bit afraid that the
    development might stop some day, since the last release is so long ago.)

    However - since today (first day of a new month) my refbase-installation stops
    working properly. Probably my webhoster changed things today , they
    announced something about a new php-version someday. (Unfortunately
    I lost the mail.) I think it's PHP 5.2 now, but might already be 5.3.

    Two obvious bugs occured:
    1) I don't get the last five entries on the mainpage any more.
    2) More even important - I can't import from pubmed anymore.
    I get the following error message: "Error occurred: Failed to open"

    Haven't checked the rest for bugs.

    Can you give me a hint please?

    Thanx very much in advance


  • Richard Karnesky

    I'm using PHP 5.3.9 with the current release of refbase and the svn version with no problems.  Can you please look at your error logs (increasing the level of logging that is done if needed)?

  • Matthias Steffens

    Hi Ralf, thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it!

    Fetching of the most recently added publications (on the main page) as well as PubMed import is done via function 'fetchDataFromURL()' (in file 'includes/')) which in turn uses the PHP function 'fopen()'.

    What about your server's 'php.ini' setting for 'allow_url_fopen'? Is in set to "On"?

    See also:

    Besides that, when googling for "PHP 5.2 fopen" there seem to be others who had issues with 'fopen()' on PHP 5.2.x, so it may be worth investigating a bit.

    HTH, Matthias

  • Ralf Witteler

    Ralf Witteler - 2012-02-03

    Thank you very much for your suggestions. As I am a bit busy at the moment, I will check this beginning next week. (I am really missing my refbase-installation at the moment, indeed)

  • Ralf Witteler

    Ralf Witteler - 2012-02-09

    I got the reply of my provider, that they disabled "allow_url_fopen" for security reasons and that this feature won't be available in PHP 5.3. (They will switch to PHP 5.3 in April.) Is there any workaround?

    (It's a pain not work without refbase or at least without it's import function. I have got very used to it.Thanx again for refbase:)

  • Richard Karnesky

    Does your host support the cURL functions?

  • Reinier Post

    Reinier Post - 2012-02-17

    rawit: Click Tracker, then Feature requests, and you'll find my patch for this, which uses the cURL functions.


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