Incomplete import RIS files

  • Juan Blanco

    Juan Blanco - 2009-02-27

    I have moved my Refbase installation to a Linux server. All seems to be OK but importation of RIS files. Refbase anly imports the first 2-3 records from the files. However, if I paste the content of the file instead of importing it directly, all records are imported. If I remove the top records of the file and try to import the  new file, the same happens, only 2-3 records are imported. I have also checked importing files that were successfully imported in my old windows system, and also the files were incompletely imported
    Any clue to sole this problem?
    Many thanks

    • Juan Blanco

      Juan Blanco - 2009-02-27

      I finally managed to thread the problem to character codification. The text files as exported by EndNote are UTF-8. Opening the file with a text editor and saving it as ASCII solved the problem.

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Juan,

      thanks for the follow-up post.

      Just out of interest: What database character encoding are you using with refbase, latin1 or utf8?

      We had another report of import encoding issues recently (though the issue was import of latin1 data into a UTF-8 based database). I'd like to checkout & test your file in more detail. Could you send me your file privately to msteffens at refbase net?

      Thanks, Matthias

      • Juan Blanco

        Juan Blanco - 2009-02-28

        Hi Matthias,
        Refbase is Latin1 encoded.
        I am sending you the file.



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