provider in Germany?

  • Daniel Becker

    Daniel Becker - 2011-07-28

    Hello - my provider doesn't want to make bibutils available to me (shared-Hosting) because of security reasons and is suggesting a virtual machine what sounds too complicated to me. Who has experience with providers in Germany and can recommend one?

    Thanks (danke) - Daniel

  • Richard Karnesky

    Matthias had been based in Germany.  Think he's been with Joyent & textdriven for a long time & has been happy with them.

  • Knut Krüger

    Knut Krüger - 2011-08-03

    Hi Daniel

    you can try it its not so difficult as it seems. each month / you must pay for six  month but you get back the difference if you would like to stop it before.
    Do not use Suse Linux on this Vserver you are not able to login after a system update
    Instruction for Debian Lenny Linux: (on a Vserver you can start with this page)

    You need Putty console Program
    and I  suggest WinSCP FTP Programm
    to connect FPT over a secure connection with key. -> see next link in German

    additionally you should secure the console with: (Its in German)
    and do not enable CGI scripts in the ISPconfig menue (security hole without any further configuration)

    You will need about three to five hours and the server is running and normally it will not be hacked.

    Make backups from the mysql database if anybody was hacking the server or before  you change anything in the configuration.

    Sending mail will work test for a relay access (ready for spammer :-) )with this page

    but if you follow the configuration you should  have no relay access.

    Receiving mail is more difficult but you can learn it later.

    Kind Regards Knut -  from Germany

  • Knut Krüger

    Knut Krüger - 2011-08-03  sorry I mean the smallest one for 3,90 Euro a Month , its your decision to pay 9.90 for setup in Germany or free setup in Netherlands.


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