Installing with MySQL 5.5

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-22

    Just to let you know: I performed a little install to test refbase a bit. I had to set up a demo server for this which used MySQL 5.5. Seems this version has disallowed the use of "type=MyISAM" in creating tables, therefore the install routine only works when replaced by "engine" everywhere used.
    Thanks for your work!

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-23


    I've got MySQL 5.5 on FC15 x86_64 with Lighttpd 1.4 and it seems that install.php can create the MySQL user and the db (in my case named "literature"), but it doesn't create any table.
    When I press the Install button the message "Error 1146 : Table 'literature.rb_depends' doesn't exist" is returned.
    I tried to replace "type=MyISAM" with "type=engine" in every refrbase file (i.e. *.sql ones) ,but it still desn't work.


  • aude

    aude - 2011-06-23

    Sorry, did not make that clear:
    You would need to replace "type" with "engine", so you'll have in the installation .sql files (or the one that you will use, be it the unicode one or the other) a "ENGINE=MyISAM" where there is "type=MyISAM" now. Afterwards, creation of the tables worked for me (manually however through phpMyAdmin).
    BTW, I did the original post, but did not login as I just hacked that in - probably also in the wrong forum - to remind me and others. The devs are very welcome to move as appropriate.
    Regards, D.


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