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  • Nicolas Sanchez

    Nicolas Sanchez - 2009-05-22

    Hi, when searching for multiple fields (abstract, title ...), could be highlighted in the results chain found?


    • Matthias Steffens

      HI Nicolas,

      > when searching for multiple fields (abstract, title ...),
      > could be highlighted in the results chain found?

      You mean that, after a search, the found text strings would be highlighted in the results list?

      I've thought about this as well. It guess this is doable but such a feature is complicated by the fact that refbase supports fairly complex searches (using regular expressions), like this one:



      The highlighting processor would need to account for complex searches like the above one.

      Also, the regular expression search syntax used by MySQL and PHP differs quite a bit. This might cause problems since the search is performed using MySQL regex syntax while the highlighting would need to be performed using PHP regex syntax. However, since the MySQL regex syntax is mostly a subset of the PHP regex syntax, this may actually work out fine, but I'd need to do some testing.

      Generally, I don't know how important this feature is. What do others think? Would you like to see highlighting of search results?



    • Nicolas Sanchez

      Nicolas Sanchez - 2009-05-31

      HI Matthias,
      Tks a lots for your complete response.

      I´m translating the REFBASE to Spanish!
      I will send you the IN SPANISH VERSION! As soon I finished it!
      Some text I am translating directly from the archive search.php because are not defined it as a variable in

      Look this Search:
      The users that will be use the refbase, are the same user that are using now the:
      For that reasons, I have to do the search, with similar features.
      In this soft there are 2 things that not have the refbase:

      1 - The highlighting results
      2 - A field with the possibility to paste the full text of the document (so we will be able to search into the text document).

      Look into the example:

      I can see the full text of the public document, but I can´t see the full text of the private document.

      I wonder if I can do something like that?

      Sorry, My english is not good!!!!




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