Multiple Admins?

  • Florian

    Florian - 2009-11-18


    The hint from yesterday seems to have worked - the error-messages (deprecated) are not shown any more. Thank you for the help on that.

    About the Admin-settings. Is it possible to have multiple users with admin rights (just as the user AT

    Also, when Importing the DOI import function does not seem to work (PMID on the other hand, works fine - on the same reference); I tried importing the DOI w/ and w/out the "DOI:" string. Same result: A blank screen shows, as if refbase is loading the next page, but instead the blank screen stays - and the browser says "Done" in the lower lefthand corner.

    Also, the refbase seems to be unstable - when I try to batch-upload a bibtex file, I get a "loading" sign in the browser and after a couple minutes, it just shows the blank screen - and a "Done" message in the lower lefthand corner of the browser.
    Of course, the BibTeX-File was not loaded at all…

    Does this have to do with the PHP 5.3 issue?

    Sorry for this long text…Have been staring at code in our little server-cubicle for the whole day - I'm turning kinda wacko it seems ;-)


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