openurl import needs new interface now

Matt - Zee
  • Matt - Zee

    Matt - Zee - 2009-08-16

    import via DOI, openurl etc fails because now demands a new interface:

    with some email address registered with

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Matt,

      it's correct that the OpenURL resolver now requires users to have an account and to supply their login credentials in the 'pid' parameter of the DOI/OpenURL request. For more info please see:

      To request a (free) account, complete the form at:

      After you've created & verified your account, enter your login credentials (which is now the email address you've used to register your account) in the '$crossRefReqDat' parameter (for refbase-0.9.5, this is at line 2826 in file 'include/').

      In the next refbase version, you'll be able to specify your CrossRef login credentials in file 'initialize/'.

      HTH, Matthias


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