Direct Reference Link?

  • Ray

    Ray - 2004-01-29


    This program looks like its exactly what I'm looking for! One quick question -

    Is it possible to directly link to a reference within the database? IE, that there is a stable link to each PDF file (or citation) from the outside? This would make use with programs like EndNote very useful also.

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Ray!

      Yes, it is possible to directly link to a reference within the database.

      Permanent linking to a particular record within the database is easy. The 'show.php' script was developed for that exact reason. As an example, record details for record no. 625 within the "IPOE Literature Database" can be viewed by clicking the following (persistent) URL:

      For an uploaded PDF file, the link will stay the same unless you change its location on the server. As an example, the PDF file that's connected with record no. 625 within the "IPOE Literature Database" will always have the following link:

      Best regards, Matthias

    • Ray

      Ray - 2004-01-29

      Looks great - I assume that nested directories are fine for uploading?

      As you can guess, I'm trying to create a file structure for greater future compatibility between a number of interfaces.


    • Matthias Steffens

      The database admin can insert any kind of link, no matter what protocol, whether its on a local or remote server, or whether it includes nested directories or not.

      Currently, the upload functionality works like the following: If there's an existing sub-directory within the default files directory whose name equals the abbreviated journal name of that record (after stripping everything but letters from the abbrev_journal name), the uploaded file will be copied into that sub-directory, otherwise we just copy the file to the root-level. By this we attempt to group files together which belong to the same journal.

      We could also auto-generate sub-directories on upload (based on the record's abbreviated journal name), but, currently, this is not the case. Anyhow, it should be pretty easy to adopt the upload functionality to fit your needs...

      HTH, Matthias

    • Ray

      Ray - 2004-01-30

      Sounds good - originally, I was planning on doing directories for separate years, but I think your idea of the abbreviated journal name probably makes mroe sense in the long run. Is the filename then arbitrary or also keyed to something? My original plan was LastnameFirstInitialMiddleInitialYEAR


      The eventual goal was for this to be automated, so that it followed a logical option but was also human readable.


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