Internationalization support?

  • Daniel Diniz

    Daniel Diniz - 2004-01-28

    Dear Refbase developers,
    Thanks for this wonderful tool, I bet it'll change the way people search for bibliographic resources.

    I'm running a test install at, the main site uses a CMS called XOOPS and is in Portuguese.

    From my short experience with PHP apps, specially CMSs, I've gathered that internationalization is easier to achieve when the interface strings are grouped in a single file, using "Define" statments to set variables (that the program calls to build the interface). Besides allowing easier translation and update, this separation allows different versions of the same language (e.g. "detailed" and "short"), allows string re-use and literally makes translators appear out of nowhere :)

    If there's interest in making Refbase "langfile friendly", I volunteer to create the English file from the current source and (sometime later) the Brazilian Portuguese version.

    Once again, thanks for the great app.
    Best regards,

    • Matthias Steffens

      Hi Daniel!

      Thanks for your kind words!

      You're absolutely right in suggesting separate language files to ease internationalization of the package. Actually, we had planned this feature for a long time, but did defer support for other languages since it would require a major overhaul of all php scripts.

      Lack of internationalization support is somehow caused by a general problem we're facing with the current code base: we started the refbase package with a "dirty hack" and hadn't really planned a full feature set from the beginning. Instead, features were (and are still) added as needed. Because of this, most of the scripts lack a modular design. We plan to fix this in future versions, of course. However, our development resources are rather limited right now and I can't provide any time schedule.

      Of course, we'd love to offer support for other languages and we highly appreciate your offer to volunteer with this!

      Thanks your feedback!

      Best regards, Matthias

    • Jochen Wendebaum

      I just started to work on the internationalization module :)

      Of course we will need volunteers for translation work in other languages than english and german starting in oktober 04...


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